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Holistic Health Coaching



Live a Healthy and Vibrant Life!


Are your days stressful and chaotic? Do you have pounds to lose that won’t budge? Does it feel like one of your relationships is missing something? Is your dream job just a dream?


As your coach, I will help you identify the areas in your life that are out of balance, what’s working and not working. So often, the reasons we cannot stick to a diet or exercise plan is because other areas of our life such as, career, finances, or spirituality need attention. Together we will explore what is going on with you. I will work with you to create a healthier diet and lifestyle and a new mindset. By making small changes each week, you will gradually create the habits you need for a vibrant and healthy life!


Relationship issues? This area is near and dear to my heart.


Are you having trouble communicating with one of your kids or someone important in your life? Does it seem like arguing has become the norm? One dysfunctional relationship affects the whole family!


I had a very trying relationship with my oldest son. It depleted my energy and ate up all my free time. I felt like a bad mother and it jarred my confidence. Making some small changes each week, we were able to move our relationship in the right direction. Our relationship went from angry and arguing to loving and peaceful. I want the same for you!


It’s a complicated world out there. It is so important to have good relationships with your children with open lines of communication, so that when they are faced with a problem or a difficult situation, you are there to help.


So much of how we relate to others has to do with how we feel inside. Better nutrition and regular exercise are part of the equation as these are important factors in how we feel both mentally and physically. But it’s also about other things like communication style, patience, and compassion. Together we will figure out what’s really go on. Using some tips and tricks and putting in some extra effort, I can help you have a healthier and happier relationship with the people you love.


My background

I am a holistic health and wellness coach. I received my certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City, NY. In addition to this training I have had many powerful life experiences which include careers in the corporate world and in privately held businesses. I have worked as a CFO, Corporate Trainer, Systems Analyst, and Fundraising Chair and am a leader in my community.  I have traveled the world and appreciate what makes people unique in culture, yet mostly the same inside. What I value most in life are the incredible relationships with my husband of more than 25 years, my 3 beautiful children, and my many close friends and family members. I feel that everyone has special gifts to share and that with the right coach, you can live your most meaningful and joyful life!



3-month and 6-month Coaching Programs – $300/month


The programs include:


  • Two 50-minute sessions with me each month
  • Setting Short-term and Long-term Goals together
  • Progress Reviews and Personalized Assignments
  • Notes with key points from each session
  • A variety of handouts and materials such as recipes, books, videos, and articles, invitations to cooking classes and workshops
  • Access to me as your coach by text or email throughout the program
  • Accountability throughout the program
  • A journey that will teach you how to infuse joy and satisfaction into your life!


Let’s start talking! Pick a time to schedule your free consultation.

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Cooking Classes


Cooking with Kids! Starting April 23.

$30 per student/class

Classes are afternoons from 3:30 – 5 pm.

Mondays for Kids ages 8-12   April 23, May 7, and May 14

Thursdays for Teens   April 26, May 10, and May 17

I am excited to announce that the Connecting Kitchen has just added more cooking classes for kids! Getting your kids interested in cooking is so important. Cooking is the foundation for eating well and living a healthy life. Cooking also builds confidence, it’s creative, it’s social, and it’s fun!

In my cooking classes, the kids will learn some basics of cooking while making delicious kid-friendly foods. We will also be talking about the importance of eating healthy (of course) and encourage everyone to try new foods. Somehow when everyone else is trying it even picky kids are more open to new things.


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Team Building Activities


Bring your team to the Connecting Kitchen!


You will laugh and learn as your group works together to make a nutritious and delicious meal. Cooking together is the perfect recipe for building a better team! 


The best part…all the good feelings last long after the food is gone. 
What the Team Building Event includes (for up to 10 people) $450
  • A 2-hour cooking session – menu will be decided in advance
  • Eating together and enjoying the delicious food
  • The recipes from our session
  • A Short Video of the event
  • Your business featured on our Facebook page and other social media advertising your business
  • Option to purchase Connecting Kitchen aprons
We are all in this together! It is so important to recognize that when we work as a team the world is a better place. I hope that after your visit to the Connecting Kitchen you will keep the momentum going. Live, Love, Laugh and Learn whenever you can and help others do the same!
Join us for your next team building event in the Connecting Kitchen!

I'm here to help!

A Little About Us



Holistic Health Coach, Vlogger, and Mom.

I’m a health & wellness coach, focusing on helping people build better relationships and a better life. ​ How we relate to others starts with how we feel about ourselves. Healthy foods, and a balance in other aspects of our lives, like fitness, career, finances, spirituality, and creativity, are all so important in determining who we are and how we feel. When one or more of these areas is out of balance, it affects us overall. As a certified holistic health coach, I help people bring their lives into balance so they can achieve their goals and a lifetime of health and happiness.



Customer Service Specialist.

I’ve always loved food, but I never paid attention to what I ate. Fast food and junk food were a big part of my diet. Cooking with my mom has inspired me to take responsibility for my health and make better choices, not just in the kitchen but in all areas of my life. ​ I’m someone who hit rock bottom and made it through hard times. I know now that when I eat well, I feel my best. My confidence is high and I can do anything! I work in customer service for a local grocery store. I love music and movies.

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